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According to former Australia captain Ricky Ponting, Stuart Broad is the “ultimate Ashes Warrior”

<p>when the third day of the fifth Ashes Test, Stuart Broad announced that he would be retiring when the monumental series against Australia was over, shocking the whole world of cricket.</p>
<p>Ricky Ponting, a former Australian captain, praised the senior bowler for his contributions and said he should be very proud of what he has accomplished.<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-102990″ src=”” alt=”” width=”1312″ height=”690″ srcset=” 310w,×79.jpg 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 1312px) 100vw, 1312px” /></p>
<p>In the current series, Broad has taken the most wickets for his side, and with Australia’s second innings yet to come, he hopes to increase his already legendary total.</p>
<p>“I think it’s important to hold players to such high standards at the very top level and to judge individuals on their longevity. Ponting praised Broad’s record, saying, “He has played 25 straight Ashes Tests at home, which is incredible in and of itself.</p>
<p>We often refer to Ben Stokes as the ideal fighter, but Broad is the ideal Ashes warrior. In the Ashes series, he played all of his finest cricket.</p>
<p>He should be quite pleased of what he has accomplished since the Ashes series is where people’s names and reputations are made.</p>
<p>He’ll be recognized for his performance in his last series. The timing is nearly right to go.</p>
<p>The announcement of Broad’s retirement caused some regret among English supporters who believe the ace bowler still has so much to contribute.</p>
<p>He did, however, get several honors and accolades from the cricket community worldwide for his contributions to the sport, particularly to the longest version of the game.</p>
<p>Before making up his mind to retire, Broad said that he had been debating it for a few weeks. At the team hotel, he told England captain Ben Stokes about his choice; the rest of the squad learned the next morning.</p>
<p>“You know, England vs Australia has always been kind of the peak for me. I have been thinking about it for a number of weeks. I’ve enjoyed the personal and team-related struggles with Australia, and, uh, you know, I believe I’ve got a crush on Ashes cricket. I think I wanted to play my last innings of bowling and batting in Ashes cricket, Broad had previously said.</p>
<p>After a phenomenal 167-match run, in which he took 602 Test wickets, ranking him seventh all-time, Broad announced his retirement.</p>
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