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Suga from BTS will enlist next, according to big hit music He started the process of enlisting in the military

<p>Suga has started the military recruitment procedure and will shortly join, according to the BTS firm BigHit Music. According to reports, BTS’s rapper will enroll and serve in the military openly. Notably, on August 6, he finished his solo tour in Seoul.<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-116531″ src=”” alt=” ex opener reacts to indias second consecutive loss hardik not giving chahal a fourth over shocks me download 2023 08 07t172148.167″ width=”1215″ height=”879″ srcset=” 264w,×109.jpg 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 1215px) 100vw, 1215px” title=”Suga from BTS will enlist next, according to big hit music He started the process of enlisting in the military 6″></p>
<p>Hello, says the official notice. This music is a BIGHIT. We would like to let our fans know that SUGA has started the process of enlisting in the military by requesting to have his enlistment postponement terminated. When there are more updates, we’ll let you know. Until SUGA completes his military duty and comes home safely, we kindly ask that you continue to love and support him. Our business will make every attempt to assist our artist. I’m grateful. Suga has a shoulder problem that warrants noting, and he even had surgery for it.</p>
<p>Suga will reportedly register as the third member of BTS, according to India Today. Before J-hope enrolled in April 2023, Jin enlisted in December 2022. It is anticipated that Kim Namjoon, better known by his stage as RM, the group’s leader, would enroll following Suga. Fans have been reassured by RM, however, that he won’t be enlisting anytime soon.On the last day of the trip, Suga became emotional and was even observed sobbing while singing.</p>
<p>Videos of Suga crying while singing the song’s lyrics have been making the rounds on Twitter. Along with him, the audience sung the song’s chorus, “Everything will be okay.” The performance’s videos are now going viral.</p>
<p>Yoongi has received a lot of love and support from BTS members. Following the concert with a Weverse Live, Min Yoongi spoke about the performance as fans were still processing the intense performance.</p>
<p>Yoongi not only reflected on the previous few months of his tour but also gave a hint that this was his last night performing and that he would likely join BTS for his return show in 2025. “If I say “soon,” that seems deceptive. So let’s meet up once again in 2025. Are you okay? Please be patient. Let’s meet up again in 2025. You performed well. He finished his show with, “Bye!”</p>
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