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“I don’t sense that intimidating pressure,” said PV Sindhu

<p>She has the ability to disappear into the throng. And veteran badminton player PV Sindhu says that the low-key approach is a conscious one. However, there are occasions when I visit shopping centers wearing a mask and a hat and I’m still recognized. My height is probably the reason, the 28-year-old explains.</p>
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<p>After relocating from Hyderabad to Bengaluru in November 2023, Sindhu is now being coached by badminton icon Prakash Padukone. The shuttler naturally misses home, but because her focus is on her objective, she does not resent the difference.</p>
<p>“I decided to come here in October to see how things work out. To be honest, you will always feel as if something is missing while you are away from home. Arriving here has improved my performance. I had originally assumed that I would come and go, but I chose to train here after seeing how much I had changed. I have a completely new team now,” Sindhu remarks.</p>
<p>Training under Padukone’s tutelage was another aspect that made the transition easier for her. He always emphasizes that there is a process and exudes calmness. You must keep practicing till you achieve perfection if you make any mistakes. I feel quite at ease with Sir’s guiding manner. His words are rich in meaning and originate from a place of experience. Talking about the Prakash Padukone Badminton Academy, Sindhu said, “He always says you have to be your 100% to play any game.”</p>
<p>After a protracted injury layoff, Sindhu recently returned to action by winning the gold medal at the Badminton Asia Team Championships. The double Olympian has her eyes set on the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, but first she wants to focus on the French Open and the All England Open, which begin on March 5 and March 12, respectively. “We are making good preparations. The French Open comes first, followed by back-to-back competitions. These will be the first solo competitions after the team event, says Sindhu.</p>
<p>The pressure is natural since she has the dreams of the whole country on her shoulders, but experience has also helped her handle the pressure because she has been playing for a long time. “Pressure never goes away. However, at the moment, I don’t feel that overwhelming pressure; all I have to do is play. A self-assured Sindhu states, “I am just living in the moment and not thinking what needs to be done.”</p>

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