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As Bhojpuri songs about PCS Officer Jyoti Maurya acquire popularity, she attracts attention once again

<p>The Provincial Civil Services (PCS) official in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, Jyoti Maurya, has lately gained widespread recognition. Social media sites are crowded with memes and remarks on Jyoti Maurya. After joining the PCS, the PCS officer’s spouse, Alok Maurya, allegedly accused her of having an affair, leading to backlash against her. Alok said that his wife was involved in extramarital affairs.</p>
<p>He even said that Jyoti benefited from his help while she prepared for her PCS test. Alok said that once his wife was elevated to the rank of officer, she deceived him.<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-73856″ src=”” alt=”” width=”1147″ height=”859″ srcset=” 259w,×112.jpg 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 1147px) 100vw, 1147px” /></p>
<p>Several Bhojpuri songs that were created on the SDM are interspersed throughout. One of these is Bewafa SDM Jyoti Maurya, a meme criticizing the SDM’s adultery and the behavioural change that occurs when people hold positions of authority. Mohit Balua, a Bhojpuri singer, performs this song. The song, which was composed by Sunil Raj, was also his writing.</p>
<p>Other songs with the name SDM exist. Hrithik Pandey sings the hymn Jyoti Maurya Alok Maurya Chalisa, SDM, Bhool Gayilu, and is known as Raja SDM. Deham Bana Da Dhokha. Millions of people have seen these songs performed by various performers to date. The song’s lyrics are popular online. In the meanwhile, Jyoti Maurya said over the phone that “things between me and Alok Maurya are not good.” I’ve already started the divorce process, and I’m doing everything legally. She spoke.</p>
<p>Regarding the leaked WhatsApp discussions that went viral online with Manish Dubey (her reported lover), Jyoti Maurya stated that a charge has already been filed against her husband under the proper sections of the IT Act for disclosing her private communications. The police will look into the occurrence and compile information.</p>
<p>Everyone in the neighborhood has been stunned by the occurrence. A few days earlier, a similar event gained notoriety when Pintu Singh, a man from Buxar, Bihar, refused to pay for his wife Kushboo’s exam preparation costs. In the event that his wife passes the BPSC exams, the guy worries that he would suffer the same fate as Alok Maurya.</p>
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