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Salman Khan sings “Happy Birthday” for his brother Arbaaz with Sohail and Arpita, and the video becomes popular

<p>Arbaaz Khan, Salman Khan’s sibling, has reached a new age. From every direction, people have been sending him well wishes. Indeed, he received wishes on this important day from his siblings Salman Khan, Sohail Khan, Arpita, and Alvira. Arbaaz shared photos of his birthday party with followers on his social media accounts. It quickly became popular on social media.</p>
<p>Arbaaz may be seen performing the Happy Birthday song while standing in the middle of the footage. His siblings and sisters are all around him. He used the hashtags #siblings and #familytime but did not add any text to the description. He was desired by many people. The Dabangg star appeared for the birthday festivities last night sporting a traditional black shirt and pink colored leggings. The actor strikes a photo before leaving for the event. Aayush Sharma was spotted attending the gathering as well. He chose to dress simply. He looked good with pants and a checkered shirt.<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-113450″ src=”” alt=”” width=”1177″ height=”665″ srcset=” 299w,×85.jpg 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 1177px) 100vw, 1177px” /></p>
<p>Arbaaz recently claimed that Salim and Javed Akhtar are now in a much better position after recalling their horrible falling out. “They’re at a great place right now. As children, we never would have imagined that Javed Saab and Dad would ever be seated next to one another and engage in conversation. Javed saab phoned me that day and requested me to give him updates since dad wasn’t feeling well. He even requested that I set a time for him to see his father at home, according to Arbaaz, who spoke to Bollywood Bubble.</p>
<p>Javed saab came home, greeted him, and spent two hours with him, said Arbaaz. Everything feels amazing. A powerful healer is time. People undergo transformation, they forgive and forget, and they go on. And they create ties that are much stronger. They now speak often. Since dad is a bit older than Javed saab and they talk on the phone often, Javed saab is always inquiring about dad’s health. He replied, “Dad is doing much better today.</p>
<p>Salman Khan is now engaged filming Tiger 3 for his career. With each passing day, Tiger 3 is generating more and more attention. This year will see the release of the fifth installment in the YRF Spy Universe.</p>
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